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Three Osteopathic Tips for Runners

Whether you do it simply for exercise, or you’re trying to build up your abilities and stamina towards achieving a personal goal like running a marathon, running is simply a fantastic hobby to adopt. But like a lot of physical activities, if you approach it without the proper knowledge, you can end up not receiving […]

A beautiful day in the garden

With the essence of spring well and truely in the air, our Blackburn Osteopath Osteopath Lisa took the opportunity cruise out of the big smoke through the gorgeous Mt Dandenong Tourist Route to Silvan, winding up at the Tesslar Flower Farm.  Lisa was lucky enough to catch the Tulip Festival on its closing weekend; according to […]

School bags and back pain

We like to think school bags have changed quite a lot since I was in school which was only about 2 years ago, well, perhaps slightly more.  We had anything and everything, including backpacks of course.  Unfortunately our Box Hill Osteopath Bret is astonished to see the quality of backpacks that our kids are using […]

Summer is coming, are you ready?

After a long winter huddled inside by the fire, eating far too much comfort food (guilty) and easing off from regular exercise, spring has peeked its head around the corner again. Like clockwork, with the sunny weather suddenly spark of motivation creeps back up and the urge to get into shape for summer begins! So […]

Cricket Injuries

With summer around the corner this is the time of the year we start to see more and more cricket injuries at Blackburn Osteopathy. Cricket places quite varied stresses on the body in the game and the injuries we see reflect this. Low back pain is a frequently seen injury from cricket and in particular […]

Tight hamstrings? Try this stretch variation!

      Are you having trouble with relentlessly tight hamstrings? Can’t straighten your leg out enough to get the proper stretch?  Quite often when we perform a hamstring stretch, it is with our leg and knee completely straight.  This will give a deep stretch under the knee, however not so much though the muscle […]

Springtime – How to avoid gardening injuries

Spring is a great time of year, the weather is warming, the days are longer, flowers are blooming and the grass is growing. All of this makes it a fantastic time to spend more time in the garden. One thing we notice during spring at Blackburn Osteopathy is the amount of gardening related injuries we […]

Are you suffering shoulder pain?

Have you been noticing pain in your arm or shoulder? Are you struggling to find a comfortable position in bed, enduring shoulder pain at night? Are you having trouble lifting, putting on your bra or reaching backwards? You may be suffering from Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. This is condition occurs when a muscular tendon and bursa […]

Magnetic Island

          Blackburn Osteo’s Ben has continued his ongoing efforts to escape the month of August by taking his family up to magnetic island. Just off the coast of Townsville the island boasts magnificent hikes, fantastic food, swimming and snorkelling on the great barrier reef, all of which Ben enjoyed whist stylishly […]

How To Improve Lower Back Pain – Simple Lifestyle Changes

With the majority of us living lives that are growing more sedentary– sitting during our commute to work, at our office desk for hours, and then sitting in front of our computers or TVs in the evenings– is it surprising low back pain is so common in our western lives?  Its a disaster!  Second most […]