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We are still OPEN, whilst assessing the risk daily, we are currently continuing to provide quality Osteopathic Care.

Blackburn Osteopathy remains OPEN. We have remained quite busy during the past week, and many of our patients have reminded us how much they value the service we provide. We have had acute backs, frozen shoulders, many work from home pains like neck, and chronic headaches. This has strengthened our thoughts in regards to continuing […]

Working from Home – an Ergonomic perspective.

Great article by Dr Lauren Botter Osteopath on home ergonomics and how to set up your desk, table and computer at home. We have already started to see many patients come in to the clinic due to working from home.  Increased stress, and poor home working environments mean increased arm, neck and upper back pain, […]

Government deems Osteopathy essential, we remain OPEN…

Blackburn Osteopathy remains open after the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt today said Allied Health would remain as an essential business.  We will continue to provide not only great Osteopathic Care, but also a wealth of information about the COVID-19 virus. We are committed to provide our community with ongoing support during this difficult period. […]

Footy is back – Hot topic – Concussion

    With the Women’s AFL season underway and the Men’s and local competitions to begin soon, I took a look at the most common injury data on the AFL website and found some interesting things. Once again the most common cause of missing games is hamstring injuries. Keep those hamstrings looked after local players! […]

Why do people see us?

I’ve recently been asked by a number of patients what is the most common area of the body that people seek attention for at Blackburn Osteopathy. As such, I’ve checked back through the first 2 months of this year and come up with the following list from the most common reason to the least. Lower […]

Getting fit with your Osteo:

With the new year, comes new year’s resolutions, and for most people those involve getting a bit healthier, dropping a few kilos and increasing their fitness. Our bodies are designed to have load or force put through them; muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments all get stronger from loading them. What our bodies don’t like is […]

Pelvic Floor

Most people when they hear the words pelvic floor, immediately think it has something to do with pregnancy, and while this is very true, the pelvic floor is so much more. So what is your pelvic floor? The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that lie on the inside of the pelvis, and as […]

Neck Stiffness

It is not uncommon for joints to feel a bit stiff and restricted when they don’t get as much movement as they should. This feeling of stiffness is made even more common with computer work, televisions and phone/tablet screens. A simple way to counter this is by doing these three very basic neck exercises to […]


Rowing is a physically and mentally demanding sport where precision and teamwork is essential to succeed. Sarah has endured almost 10 years of early mornings and long hours of training but doesn’t see any reason to stop. Magical sunrises, peaceful mornings cruising down the Yarra river and being one with the boat are only topped […]

Noosa Holiday

Sarah was recently lucky enough to escape to the beautiful Noosa sunshine for some R & R with a side of adventure. Not one to laze around on the beach all day, Sarah took the opportunity to wake up early each morning with the sun (no day light savings here!) and start the day with […]