Our resident Blackburn Osteopathy mountain biker Dr Bret Murray has just raced in his 6th consecutive Otway Odyssey. A 100km mountain bike marathon through the picturesque and brutally hilly Otway Ranges in Victoria’s South West. With Australia’s best mountain bike marathon racers in the field Bret finished 27th in a time of 5 hours 8 minutes. He didn’t quite make his goal of completing the race in sub 5 hours but will be back again next year to take on the challenge.

If you were wondering what Bret’s body goes through in a race like this. His average heart rate was 168 bpm and he burnt 4500 Calories during the ride, that’s as many Calories as in 15 cheeseburgers.

Sounds like a tough and fun weekend for Bret, we’re sure he ate and rested well after it.

Otway Odyssey