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Lateral Hip Pain: A pain in the butt

Lateral Hip Pain: A pain in the butt Lateral hip pain or more simply put, pain on the side of the hip/buttock is a very common presentation to us at Blackburn Osteopathy. This pain is often referred to as hip bursitis or tendonitis. Recent research has shown that the pain is not due to inflammation […]

Dr Lisa Timms on getting through a day at the desk

Getting through a day at the desk.   Anybody in an office understands the perils of desk work; there is nothing easy about sitting motionless in front of a computer for eight plus hours a day, five days a week.  But why exactly is this so hard on our bodies? Sitting with poor posture puts […]

Golf and Osteopathy

Golf and Osteopathy Golf and Osteopathy are a natural fit. For years, golf back pain has been accepted by golfers as some kind of badge of honour. But now golfers everywhere are beginning to realize the benefits of having regular Osteopathy treatment to treat their golf back pain. Swinging a driver or three iron at […]

The ripple effect of High Heels

There is no better feeling at the end of an evening out than taking off those gorgeous, ridiculously high heels and letting your feet finally relax.  Oh what a blessing to walk on a bare foot again, for we are all far too familiar with the concept beauty is pain. But why does this hurt […]

Dr Ashby Smith: Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are the most common lower limb injury for sports people and have the highest re-injury rate of all musculoskeletal injuries. Last year the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) updated their clinical guidelines on how to assess and manage lateral ankle sprains. They emphasised the need for early mobilisation and rehabilitation for ankle […]

What to Expect from Back Pain Treatment Near Me? Here are some Treatment Modalities to Alleviate Lower Back Pain

The human body has an inherent ability of healing itself when given the right amount of time for recovery and medical attention, too. In the case of lower back pain, a strategic combination of natural pain relief with tried-and-tested medical procedures are perceived to be the best way to alleviate back pain, or even treat […]

The benefits of seeking services from Osteopaths in Blackburn

There are many treatment options that are available to successfully recover from an injury or simply to alleviate pain and discomfort from daily activities. Techniques such as physical rehabilitation and chiropractic medicine are commonplace, however not everyone will experience relief from them. Osteopathy is an emerging alternative manual medicine practice that is gaining popularity due [&hellip...

Footy Pre-Season has begun!

Cicadas are chirping and days are getting longer, that can only mean one thing – footy preseason is dawning upon us! After a short break between seasons, it’s time to grab those shoes and get to it again. Avoiding injury during preseason One of the most common injuries we see during the preseason is a […]

STRETCH VARIATIONS – trying a different angle.

STRETCH VARIATIONS – trying a different angle. The majority of us at some stage in our lives have done some stretching. Whether it be at a sporting club or as directed by a health professional or friend, we all have a repertoire of stretches that we know. One thing that a lot of people don’t […]

Hot or cold? Which to use when

Hot or cold? Which to use when.   At Blackburn Osteopathy we are often asked by our patients whether they should use a heat pack or cold/ice pack for their injury. As a good starting point the following general rule can be followed: Sharp, acute, stabbing pain and inflammation/swelling – start with cold therapy. Stiffness, […]