We found this wonderful article in the Sydney Morning Herald.   Its about the quickly evolving area of medicine relating to disease, and how it is affected by the mind.  Its not just a thought bubble now, but is rooted in scientific fact.  Simply if you believe, then you get positive changes that can be measured objectively.  Pretty cool!

We now know that the immune system and the nervous system ‘talk’, which was a preposterous suggestion merely even a few years ago. An example of this is the effect of chronic stress.  This produces increased amounts of cortisol, which produces inflammation in the body, which causes disease.

How many people living in Melbourne are causing their own disease from working too hard, being too stressed??!!  Its  a rhetorical question but is worth pondering…And how much does relieving your pain help to reduce ‘stress’ in your body, and help reduce disease processes? Your Blackburn Osteopaths at Blackburn Osteopathy are very intrigued by this……


We encourage you to read the article</a>, and the book sounds like a ripper, we are certainly going to buy it!

Shane Heslop, Osteopath