Dean is passionate about his profession. He thoroughly enjoys treating a broad cross-section of the community, using a wide range of osteopathic techniques, including Cranial Osteopathy and draws immense satisfaction from successful outcomes for his patients. Dean shows compassion towards his patients and his excellent communication skills allow him to educate patients about their conditions. Acute musculoskeletal conditions, sporting injuries and headaches are among some of the many conditions that particularly interest him.

He met his wife, Angela, whilst at University and they graduated together as Osteopaths. They have a six year old daughter, Ella, a four year old son Joshua, a two year old son Thomas and now eagerly await their fourth child due in October this year.

In his spare time, Dean particularly enjoys playing the guitar and drums, having played many gigs with his band over the years. He loves listening to loud music of any type and enjoys following the football, but only if the Saints are playing! He always looks forward to spending quality time with his family and friends.